Turf Croft Herbs, supplied by organic food delivery service Abel & Cole, announced that its products are now packaged in TIPA's compostable zipper bags, replacing 60,000 bags of herbs from the company’s extras range with a certified home compostable alternative.  

Abel & Cole, a food delivery service in Britain that says it has always championed low-plastic, low-waste packaging solutions for its boxes, connected Turf Croft Herbs with TIPA to give the company a compostable alternative that keeps its products fresh.

TIPA's technology performs like a conventional plastic but decomposes back into the soil with no toxic residue, microplastics or other pollutants. Inspired by nature, the packaging is designed to break down within months under compost conditions just like any organic matter. The company's packaging provides solutions for the food and fashion industries, and is built to fit existing machinery and supply chains. TIPA packaging solutions are currently being implemented worldwide by leading global brands in Europe, Australia and the U.S.

Stef Sahmel, head of sustainability at Abel & Cole says, "Since the business started over 30 years ago we've always tried to keep our packaging innovative and considered, looking at its sourcing, performance and ease of disposal by our customers, but finding a suitable packaging solution for loose produce such as our herbs has until now proven challenging. With TIPA, however, we've found something robust and moisture-retentive, keeping our herbs in fantastic condition and reducing food waste, with a material that our customers can compost at home."

Anne Rees, fruit and veg buyer for Abel & Cole adds, "As a business with a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment, we work hard to minimize packaging in our range, either by sending items loose at certain times of the year or choosing varieties with a better shelf life. Food waste, however, is an issue we take as seriously as plastic pollution, and without something to help keep their integrity, many of our products would perish too quickly for our customers to enjoy. Using TIPA's compostable packaging has finally enabled us to move away from conventional plastics for our fresh herbs, and our customers are still able to make the most of our farmers' delicious produce."

Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of TIPA says, "UK consumers depend on leading retailers like Abel & Cole, whose support for low-waste packaging solutions has encouraged organic produce suppliers to choose truly circular solutions like compostable packaging. Abel & Cole has enabled their customers to choose sustainable options that support healthy ecosystems, which we depend on for nutritious organic fruit and vegetables."

Visit www.tipa-corp.com for more information.