Rainforest Beverages uses cans that give each flavor a signature color.

There continues to be a strong market for natural, healthy and convenient beverages. To meet this growing demand, Rainforest Beverages has launched two new flavors of soft drinks in a redesigned package.  

All Rainforest Beverages are sold in 12-ounceRexamSLEEK® cans with labels that have been redesigned to give each flavor its own signature color, and prominently feature the brand's signature rainforest frog as well its tagline of "The 'Anti' Soft Drink."

"We are pleased to expand our offerings to provide consumers with a variety of carbonated beverages that are healthy and taste great," says Tom Bushkie, president, Rainforest Beverages. "And our redesigned packaging helps us communicate our deep connection to the rainforest and our commitment to delivering completely unique, all-natural soft drinks. Rexam has been an excellent partner in this journey and we look forward to their continued support in building our brand and our business."

The company chose Rexam Sleek cans because they deliver brand differentiation and help the beverage stand out on retail shelves. In addition, the company wanted to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability by utilizing the most recycled beverage package in the world.

Rainforest Citrus and Tropifruit are available now at Whole Foods and other natural foods retail locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. Rainforest Cola will re-launch later this year.

Rainforest Beverages has become the official beverage partner of RainTrust – an organization committed to preserving the Amazon region while building a sustainable rainforest economy. Through this partnership, with every 12 –ounce Rainforest Beverage purchase, consumers will preserve one square foot of rainforest.