Caveman cookies, bag design promise healthful snack.

New, all-natural, gluten-free cookies byCaveman Cookiesare packed in bags that offer a simple, yet playful “throwback” design.

Caveman Cookies are healthy cookies made with ingredients that our Paleolithic ancestors had access to: fruit, nuts and honey. They are 100% all natural, high-protein, dairy-free, gluten-free/grain-free and contain no refined sugar or preservatives. The cookies in four varieties are made with only three main ingredients and contain only 65–75 calories per cookie.

The packaging design done byKristina Sacciis meant to evoke a playful, local, light-hearted caveman look that delivers on the promise of health and the “Paleo diet”. The cookies are individually flow-wrapped on-site (shortly after baking), and then placed in Kraft, tin-tie bags (1/2 lb and 1 lb for small & large bags respectively) fromMr. Takeout Bags.

The basic concept of the Paleolithic Diet (a.k.a. The Caveman Diet) is simple: Eat foods that our ancestors “grew up eating” rather than foods that have been introduced in the past few thousand years.

Caveman Cookies are available at gourmet and specialty retailers, organic and food retailers, upscale grocery stores, specialty food and gift retailers nationwide and online at The original cookies sell for $5.45 for a small bag (6 cookies), $9.95 for a large bag (12 cookies) and $17.95 for a jumbo bag (24 cookies).

-Food & Beverage Packaging staff