In a world full of large printing companies who are set in their obsolete ways, the industry changes right underneath them. Packaging is more complex than ever and regulations are hard to keep up with, especially in the food labeling industry. Outdated logistics and brand vulnerability run rampant in this world and someone needs to adapt to it. The Lauterbach Group ( has done just that by developing a system to eliminate any vulnerable moments for brands. Along with investing in a revolutionary printing machine, they built a suite of services in their business model to become the next generation label company.

“In the labeling world, clients trust us with their most important asset – the representation of their company as it exists in the world. We are here to make sure their brand is never exposed to anything that can devalue it,” says Shane Lauterbach. Shane is the president of the Lauterbach Group, a Sussex, WI labeling and product marking company. “We have come up with a streamline system to protect our client’s brands from start to finish.”

The most vulnerable moments happen when the product is in the logistical stage and mobile. Many companies don't have printing capabilities in house. That means they expose their product to scratches, dents, fading, peeling and other problems that might occur out of house. According to the PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association), when people see tarnished products at the store they are less likely to buy that product. The brand loses all credibility as a respectable brand. It is a huge problem for companies to not see the product all the way into the consumer’s hands.

"A lot can go wrong when sending your brand out of the nest. You get the wrong materials or wrong colors and your labels look peeled, faded, or inconsistent. It's a logistical nightmare to track your products through the entire process, while ensuring that everything is up to code along the way," says Shane. "If all these touch points aren’t examined and monitored, issues like recall can be disastrous. The industry is changing, and there’s no access point that makes these considerations easy to digest and act on."

The Lauterbach Group suite of services gives clients the advantage of having their products in house through the entire process. From the initial sending of the visual asset, to the distribution, everything is overseen by seasoned professionals who know nothing but brands. In the Lauterbach World, they cover their clients from start to finish by eliminating any vulnerable touch points that exist in many other companies.

The Suite of Services consists of the following:

  • Information Services- Tracking and tracing the product from start to finish ensuring that every need is met and each step of the process is monitored intelligently.
  • Material Solutions- High quality materials, a veteran workforce and top-of-the-line technology provide solutions to any concerns that may arise.
  • Supply Chain Insights- Up-to-date knowledge on FDA regulations and food safety, chain of custody tracking and sustainability make the logistical stage of the process flawless.
  • Visual Asset Optimization- Knowledgeable and wise visual asset managers offer insights on trends and give advice on appearance.
  • Conscience Lab- Innovation, prototyping and color management protects and gives life to the brand to let it thrive in the consumer market.

Making big promises means keeping them and backing them up with significant investment. They recently announced the arrival of the Domino N610i, a UV Inkjet printer. It is a revolutionary printer that reduces lead times, produces the highest quality label and prints the most consistent results. This machine can work on ten separate jobs at once, which is extraordinary. The best part about purchasing the Domino N610i is that the Lauterbach Group is now able to track every aspect of each job and store the information in a central database.

 The Lauterbach Group visions a perfect world. One which their clients would never have to worry about visual asset optimization, supply chain logistics, or brand perception. Their vision of having a one-stop digital hub for their entire client’s needs is so close to becoming a reality. In a brand-eat-brand world, companies need a labeling and product marking partner who can nurture and protect them. The Lauterbach Group is embracing this role with zealousness.