Inspekto’s  INSPEKTO S70 is the world’s first autonomous machine vision system. It is capable of inspecting any product on any line, using any handling method and is a major tool for profitability per line for industrial plants, regardless of industry or geography.

Using Inspekto Plug and Inspect technology, the system can be installed in 30 to 60 minutes. The S70 can enable plants to apply Total QA — visual QA at every location on the production line. This means that manufacturers can identify defects as soon as they occur at all points on the line to reduce scrap, improve yield and add to profitability.

“One key area in the packaging industry where Autonomous Machine Vision can improve operations is to ensure that a package carries the correct labeling,” explained Zohar Kantor, VP Sales & Project Management at Inspekto. “Whether it’s a bar code, QR code, part number – labeling is there to indicate the correct contents of the package. The challenge comes when the label is incorrect, poorly attached to the packaging or missing altogether.

“The Inspekto S70 enables the correct tracking of packaging and labeling at every step of the process,” continued Kantor. “It can ensure the physical integrity of the packaging material and ensure that the correct label has been attached, whether it has been attached correctly and if there is any defect in the printing.”