Berry Global Inc. has introduced a 100% recyclable BioPET bottle designed for the beauty and personal care markets. This bottle is made from plant-based materials, including sugarcane. Made from PET-30, 30% (by weight) of the bottle’s resin comes from plant-based renewable resources. 

The launch is in line with the company’s recent announcement of its sustainability strategy, Impact 2025, which encourages the development of renewable materials. 

The BioPET bottle, available in a variety of custom and stock styles and sizes, has the same crystal clear appearance and robust feel of fossil-based PET, and is 100% recyclable. These bottles are a perfect fit for a wide selection of beauty and personal care products, including hair, body, face, and oral care.  

Berry is a leading provider of tubes, bottles, jars and closures to the personal care, health care, beverage, food and household care industries. The introduction of Bio-PET bottles augments the company's portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions.