The new, reusable household cleaner by Replenish is as easy as, “Flip, Mix, Clean.” The innovative cleaner features a PET spray bottle with a built-in measuring cup, along with a four-ounce pod of concentrate that is attached to the bottom. To use, flip the product upside down, squeeze the pod until the measurement cup is full, and add water. Each pod has enough fluid for four full bottles.

Because the product is designed for reuse, and because the system is based on a concentrate (the brand doesn’t ship water), Replenish reports that it uses 90 percent less plastic, oil and CO2 emissions than pre-mixed household cleaners. The company also has a supply chain radius of only 200 miles.

In addition to creating a reusable bottle system, Replenish developed its concentrate with ingredients that are non-toxic, biodegradable and pH neutral. The pods are available in Sun Lemon, Fresh Lavender and Green Tea.

October 2010

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