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Aseptic carton brings ‘grab-and-go’ convenience to wine. Aerosol deodorant’s targeted delivery enables ‘point-and-shoot’ operation.
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Right package serves up wine to harried consumers
Aseptic packaging usually targets kids. But Almaden Vineyards brings aseptic—and the “grab-and-go” mentality—to wine with Almaden Red Sangria Table Wine
The manufacturer claims the 500-ml carton, from Tetra Pak, contains enough wine to fill two-and-one-half glasses. Its octagonal shape promotes easy gripping, enabling consumers to drink the wine right from the container. Suggested retail price is $3.49.
Alternative wine packaging is “hot” in other countries, and evidence is growing that U.S. consumers would welcome them here.
Almaden’s wine package offers yet another example of a marketer finding the right package to respond to today’s fast-paced consumers.
Pinched waist, shrink label give nuts brand visual edge
The nuts aisle continues to take on a new look with Emerald of California Snack Nuts. Diamond of California, Stockton, Calif., an affiliate of Diamond Walnut Growers, distributes the line. Four varieties of nuts come in “on-the-go,” resealable plastic containers in the 4.5-ounce and 11.5-ounce sizes.
Beyond portability, two additional elements strengthen this package’s appeal. First, the pinched “waist” makes the containers a pleasing ergonomic fit in the hand.
Second, a full-body shrink label creates perceptions of “on-the-farm” product freshness while supporting the co-op of family farms that produces the nuts.
Vertical spray eases task of ‘hitting the target’
A horizontal spray mechanism requires consumers to angle aerosol cans—often requiring contorted hand and arm positions to operate the container and wasted product if the spray misses its target. The Gillette Co. brings the vertical-spray mechanism to the deodorant aisle.
Gillette introduces a patented trigger lock on 4-ounce containers of Right Guard Cool Spray Antiperspirant & Deodorant for Men. This mechanism allows consumers to open and close the spray chamber, keeping it sealed for maximum portability.
The dome encircling the spray chamber contains a two-sided arrow pointing to two images. Turn the dome toward the image of the opened lock, and the chamber opens. Rotate it toward the closed lock, and the chamber closes.
While grasping the can, the thumb fits comfortably on an ergonomic “trigger” with a tactile finish. With the chamber open, the thumb depresses the trigger to expel spray.
Suggested retail price is $4.29. The Cool Spray scents include Polar Blast and Deep Freeze, with the Xtreme Cool Spray available in the Rush and Surge varieties. Adaptations of the vertical-spray mechanism could make aerosols easier to use in other categories.
Laminated Packages
Serve Up ‘Joe’
Javette LLC., Atlanta, makes its introduction in the instant coffee aisle in packet form with Javette singles of gourmet coffee concentrate. The kosher product comes in liquid form in 0.25-fluid-ounce pressure resistant, laminated flexible pouches.
The “easy pour” package design allows coffee drinkers to control the amount of coffee, made from 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, they use. This benefit regulates the strength of each cup “and still get rich-tasting coffee,” package copy states. This clever variation on instant coffee could appeal to active consumers.
Portable water bowl has fido wagging his tail
First, bottles made water portable for humans. GA Ventures Inc., Irvine, Calif., extends the convenience of this natural resource to dogs.
The Water Rover Bigger Portable Pet Water Bowl is handy for both dogs and their owners on walks or jogs around the neighborhood. Package copy says the unit “provides fresh water for your dog anywhere, anytime.”
The container looks a little like an ice cream scoop. A clip attaches the bowl to the bottle and enables pet owners to attach the product to their waistband or belt.
To use, pet owners remove the plug from the bottle and lay the product flat on the ground. Water flows from the bottle into the bowl.
After Fido has had a drink, pet owners tilt the product upright. Unused water flows back into the bottle and then the bottle is replugged. The product comes in a rack-display blister pack.
Suggested retail price is $12.99.