Following Up On Developing Trends

Often, After we Print an Article in Brandpackaging, we Uncover Added Information on a Trend We’ve Identified. Here is More on a Recent Trend.
If necessity is the mother of invention, then consumers are telling marketers loud and clear that they “need” to have their snack foods—whether it’s cookies, crackers or chips—on hand, all the time. We first reported on this trend in our January/February 2005 issue.
Pepperidge Farm is the latest in a slew of food marketers making the most of the “dashboard dining trend” with its introduction of Whims cookies, snack-sized cookies packaged in a reclosable paperboard carton that fits in most car cupholders.
“When developing Whims cookies, we set out to provide a bit of delicious spontaneity for busy consumers,” says Carol Degener, director of innovation at Pepperidge Farm. “The revolutionary package design allows Whims to meet the fast-paced lifestyle of our customers and adds tremendous impact on the retail shelf in terms of marketing and merchandising.”
Developed by Sonoco, the SonoWrap package features a membrane and overcap designed to extend product shelf life. The Whims pack also features reverse-printed seven-color high gloss graphics that appear upside down on the back panel to allow the retailer to display the package right-side up (resting on its base) or upside down (resting on its cap). This packaging technology is new to the cookie market.BP
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