Silgan Closures has launched ELC gable top caps for cartons of all formats and sizes from 28 to 35 mm. ELC eliminates the pull ring in favor of a drop-down tamper band, providing visual, audible and tactile tamper evidence.

On a standard bottle finish, the A retaining bead is a rigid ring and the flexible J-band on the closure snaps under the A bead during application.  This standard design does not work on fitments due to the rigid A-bead on the finish causing damage to the tamper band bridges during application. Silgan’s patented design flips the J-band from the closure and puts it onto the finish using segmented flights. Using segmented flights creates a flexible A-bead on the finish, eliminating broken bridges. 

ELC technology takes away the need for a removable pull ring. The tamper evidence of the pull ring is replaced with the traditional drop-down tamper band on the outside of the finish, allowing one-step opening.

ELC’s thin-walled bore seal within the cap is angled slightly downward and flexible, guiding the valve seal into the bore during capping. The flights keep caps aligned on cartons during production.

The bore seal technology eliminates micro leakage while maintaining fluid flow rates. The resulting seal point is positioned away from the side wall of the spout to allow access by UV light or rinsing agents. The double seal points provide oxygen transmission rates as efficient as the ring pull membrane.

At 1.90 grams, the ELC 30 L is one of the lightest weight fitments on the market.