Innovation is a word that’s lost some oomph over the years. The name has become a buzzword, and now, we tend to label anything new as such. But while overuse has dulled our senses to the specific term, it doesn’t stop truly ingenious things from happening.

Each year, BRANDPACKAGING looks for people doing things differently and awards them our esteemed title of Brand Innovator. They might be taking their brands just slightly off the beaten trail, or maybe they are going completely against the grain of the category with their packaging. No matter where these ladies’ and gentlemen’s actions fall on that scale, you can be sure they have done things that felt atypical and even uncomfortable in order to push their brands forward. In return for their efforts, they’ve translated buyers into fans and changed what our industry views as possible — and they’ve had fun doing it.

In June, we awarded Anna Kamjou and Jonas Tåhlin of The Absolut Company, Craig Dubitsky from hello, and Oliver Campbell at Dell for their work of helping their brands build identities that connect with consumers through packaging.

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