COVID-19 Safety

Working to Ensure Your Onsite Safety & Security

As it has always been for BNP Events, the safety and security of our guests, customers, and event team members remain our highest priority.

You can find our previous communications regarding the event postponement from late April to August 24-25, 2020

Regarding COVID-19, the Converters Expo team is actively communicating with all of our show vendors as well as Lambeau Field Atrium to discuss best practices and measures to encourage social distancing, safe food handling, clean sleeping rooms and meeting spaces as well as address COVID-19 large gathering concerns overall.

The Converters Expo is implementing many additional measures developed in consultation with global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and CDC) to make our onsite cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous to help you feel safe and comfortable at this important event.

The Lambeau Field Atrium onsite teams will receive ongoing briefings, trainings, and enhanced safe-operating protocols. Complete information on the Lambeau Field Atrium COVID-19 safety procedures and guidelines will be provided as it becomes available.

Information is changing frequently in response to this pandemic and Converters Expo and BNP Events are committed to updating our approach to address this constantly changing environment. We will keep all of our exhibitors, attendees, staff and vendors up to date on any changes and our updated response to new developments in order to ensure a coordinated effort with a safe and productive in-person event environment for all.

The Converters Expo values the support and feedback of everyone involved in preparing for this important event. We appreciate your professionalism, patience and understanding during these truly extraordinary times. Please contact us via the event website should you have any questions or concerns.

Here are some helpful links as you look to travel to the area: