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Christopher Hough
General Manager
ProMach, ZPI Division

With a background in computer science, Chris has 14 years of experience in the industrial CPG space. Currently Chris is the General Manager of ProMach's ZPI division, which was acquired in 2016. During his time with Zarpac and ZPI, Chris has held the roles of System Developer, Program Manager, Lead Trainer, Senior Executive and Director.

Chris was the architect behind several of ZPI's technology offerings, including the open-state model, which focuses on allowing automated system integrations using the Pack-ML standard. He also drove the hardware neutral standard for ZPI, enabling the system to work with most controls systems. Chris has been heavily involved in developing metrics for improving production efficiencies and implementing these across major multinationals across the globe.

Since 2016 he has been involved as a contributing member of several of PMMI's OpX Groups. Chris works in ProMach’s Performance Services group – giving him experience with nearly all brands of automation control systems and turn-key packaging systems integration projects for consumer product customers around the world.