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Kyle WilliamsKyle Williams
Chief Marketing Officer
Concentrate Brands

Mr. Williams is a Brand & Marketing Strategist who has spent the last several years developing and managing a number of successful brands in the cannabis sector - namely TC Labs, Concentrate Supply Co, Nomad Extracts, DŌSD Edibles, Fuehl Vape, Sauce Bros. & General Extracts. Mr. Williams attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a specific concentration in Management Information Systems & Information Technology. Mr. Williams excelled in Information Technology academia, while also learning the necessary skills to help businesses, specifically start-ups, attain exponential growth with minimal resources. During his time at Baylor, Mr. Williams co-developed a hyper-local online advertising platform to help small businesses achieve dramatic sales growth, both online & in-store. While expanding this concept throughout Texas, Mr. Williams gained invaluable knowledge related to the many facets of brand development including digital strategy, psychology of incentives & brand loyalty, graphic design, web design, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Mr. Williams continued expanding his online advertising concept throughout the southern United States until moving to Colorado in 2014 to pursue the cannabis industry.

The “self-starter” mentality has been ingrained in Mr. Williams from an early age and has enabled him to take on numerous skills & responsibilities without the traditional education typically associated with an experienced marketing professional. Kyle specializes in brand development, graphic design, compliance related to packaging & production for cannabis-derived products, packaging design, product development, commercial photography, as well as many other print and digital marketing solutions.

Kyle has spent the last four years working closely with Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division & associated workgroups to help facilitate the implementation of packaging regulations for a plethora of cannabis products. Mr. Williams has become accustomed to the ever-changing landscape of compliance tied to not only packaging, but the cannabis-derived products themselves, specifically related to dosages, instructions for use & precautionary statements in both Colorado and California. Kyle’s primary goal is to protect public safety by ensuring commercial manufacturers not only follow, but also fully understand all regulations enacted by the state in order to meet product guidelines related to intended use, packaging, labeling & post-purchase safety at the consumer level.

With a keen eye for detail, compliance & regulations, Kyle has developed a variety of strong relationships with some of the largest packaging suppliers in the country. Utilizing his fiscally conservative upbringing, Kyle has negotiated some of the lowest rates for cannabis-related packaging, labeling & supplies currently available in the cannabis sector. Mr. Williams has become an integral piece in the success & growth of Concentrate Companies. Mr. Williams is extremely devoted to the continued progression of launching successful brands and operations, whether cannabis-related or ancillary, throughout the United States and abroad.