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Rob Hammond

D. Robert Hammond
Technical Sales Director
Mica Corporation

Rob started at Mica in 1998. He started in the laboratory both developing new products and creating the QA procedures for testing manufacturing products. 3 years later, he moved into the Technical Sales. In 2014, he took on the role of Technical Sales Director. He is an active member of TAPPI, SPE, AIMCAL, IoPP, and ACS. He was TAPPI Flexible Packaging and Extrusions Division Chair and in other leadership positions at TAPPI for over a decade.

Previous to Mica, Rob worked for 17 years in Corporate Research and Development; those companies were Allied Chemical (Honeywell), GTE Laboratories (Verizon), and Polaroid.. His professional fields of specialization include molecular spectroscopy, thermal analysis, polymer technology and coating technology.

On his days off, he enjoys his grandsons and golfing.