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Doug PeckenpaughSal LaMartina
Big Easy Brands

Sal LaMartina is the Co-Founder/ CEO of Big Easy Blends. He is a New Orleans native that is actively involved in the Entrepreneurial movement within the community. He started Big Easy Blends in 2007 and was the first company to bring innovation to the Ready-to-Drink cocktail market by putting its cocktails in stand-up flexible pouches. Since 2007, Big Easy Blends has grown from a small manufacturer to the nation's most advanced flexible packing manufacturer. Big Easy Blends fills a wide variety of packages such as Spouted Pouches, Non-Spouted Pouches, Sachets, Stick Packs, and Bag-in-Box. They run a variety of equipment including rail-fed fillers, pre-form pouch fillers, and roll stock pouch fillers. In addition to contract manufacturing, Big Easy Blends also licenses and manufactures products such as ICEE, SLUSH PUPPiE, Welch's, Airheads, and Honest Kids in pouches.