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Thomas BlaigeThomas Blaige
Chairman & CEO
Blaige & Company

Tom Blaige is the founder of Blaige & Company and has over 30 years of transaction experience. The Blaige team has completed over 200 transactions and has visited over 600 plastics, packaging, and chemicals operations in all parts of the world. Blaige & Company is a “specialist” investment bank with a deeper and broader knowledge of its target audience versus generalist or “house” investment banks. Pouch and other flexible packaging printing / converting segments represent our “power alley”, and we believe our M&A experience in these products and their supply chains leads worldwide. Blaige’s valuable long-lasting relationships with potential buyers in these segments with established trust and mutual respect result in an impressive track record of 48% valuation premiums.

The U.K.-based magazine Acquisition International named Mr. Blaige 2015 Sector Focused CEO of the Year, and Blaige & Company - Sector Focused Investment Bank of the Year in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2021, and 2022. Blaige & Company has been a strategic partner and speaker at the Global Pouch Forum since 2006.