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Doug PeckenpaughThomas Clark
Technical Market Leader, Packaging Resin & Films, Nylon Sustainablity Leader, AdvanSix Inc.

Tom Clark has >30 years of experience in the packaging industry, with experience at leading paperboard, polyester, nylon, & food companies. He is AdvanSix’s Technical Market Lead for the Packaging sector and heads its nylon sustainability effort. He obtained his Honors B.S. in Engineering Science & Mechanics from Penn State and his Ph.D. in Materials Science from Lehigh University. He then oversaw barrier testing at International Paper and helped commercialize new oxygen scavengers for PET bottles at Eastman Chemical Company. More recently, Tom was the subject matter expert for barrier testing and shelf life modeling in Kraft/Mondelez’s long-range packaging group. He has partnered with the supply chain to commercialized new films, bottles, & oxygen scavengers for CSD, meat, gum, candy, cookies, chocolate, & peanuts.