RadTech, a nonprofit organization focused on the advancement of ultraviolet and electron beam technology, is launching the first course in a series of free, email-based courses that will deliver educational lessons on various aspects of UV and EB technology. 

Each course will feature several lessons sent in a weekly email that should take roughly 10 minutes to read. After the final lesson, RadTech will email a course-completion certification that the user can post on his or her LinkedIn profile.

The first course in the offering is UV/EB Chemistry Fundamentals and features the following eight lessons:

Lesson 1: What Is UV/EB Curing?
Lesson 2: Basic Chemistry of UV Curing
Lesson 3: Basic Materials Used in UV/EB Curing
Lesson 4: How Do Photoinitiators Work?
Lesson 5: Equipment Used in UV/EB Curing
Lesson 6: Environmental Handling & Safety
Lesson 7: Graphic Arts Applications
Lesson 8: Industrial Applications

This course was developed by RadTech in conjunction with Dr. Michael Idacavage of Colorado Photopolymer Solutions. Future offerings include courses on UV LED, EHS and more. To learn more, visit http://www.radtech.org/10-min-course.

(240) 497-1242; www.radtech.org