Two major players in the UV curing systems industry, Air Motion Systems, Inc. and Baldwin Technology Company, Inc., are merging to create a single premier provider of UV and LED curing technology across the globe.

Baldwin, a leader in highly reactive UV, LED UV and IR drying systems, has acquired Air Motion Systems, a provider of LED UV curing technology for the graphic arts industry. The new entity of Baldwin, part of the $2-billion-plus Barry-Wehmiller family of companies, will rebrand as AMS SPECTRAL UV and combine AMS with Baldwin’s UV division. AMS SPECTRAL UV locations will continue to grow their operations in River Falls, Wisconsin, Easton, Pennsylvania and Slough, U.K.

“This acquisition marks the beginning of a new era in providing high-performance solutions for the UV industry,” says AMS SPECTRAL UV president Steve Metcalf. “We’re bringing the top industry minds, technology and experience together to tap an unprecedented opportunity in LED and UV, and to serve an ever-widening range of markets and applications.”

The AMS LED UV product portfolio has become the de-facto standard for LED curing in sheetfed offset printing and flexo packaging, with an installed base nearly 10 times that of its nearest competitor. Complementing this technology, Baldwin’s UV division has vast experience in highly reactive UV curing and numerous LED applications outside of traditional print markets. Further, the new curing technology entity will leverage a massive base of experience serving OEM and industrial markets.

“What AMS SPECTRAL UV will provide customers is a doubling of research and development, engineering, manufacturing capacity and service to meet their growing needs in the market,” says Pat Keogh, one of the commercial leaders of AMS SPECTRAL UV. “We are proud to continue to offer innovative solutions in a new world being driven by the rapid advancement in UV and LED curing technologies.”


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