Sonoco has launched its ClearGuard portfolio of flexible packaging, offering the transparency that builds trust with consumers while providing best-in-class barrier properties for product protection.

ClearGuard structures provide a clear alternative to aluminum foil or metalized films – an important differentiator in an age when nearly half of consumers would choose one product over another simply because they can see the product inside its packaging. Crucially, ClearGuard packaging has also been proven to meet or exceed barrier requirements for a variety of growing product categories, including meat snacks, nuts, trail mixes, snack and nutrition bars, cookies and crackers.  

“Shoppers want to see the product inside the package, so for products like trail mix, granola and jerky, the challenge is providing transparent packaging while still protecting freshness and quality,” says Marcy Thompson, vice president of marketing and innovation. “ClearGuard packaging has exceptionally low oxygen and water vapor transmission rates to protect the food inside and preserve its shelf life.”

ClearGuard packaging offers several additional benefits to brands and consumers, including exceptional printing and laminating such as matte and glossy finish options, superior flex crack resistance and durability, speed to market via Sonoco’s proprietary TEMPO Accelerated Shelf Life Modeling and a competitive value to other clear or opaque film alternatives.

ClearGuard packaging is also ideal for many pet food offerings, including baked, dehydrated, freeze dried and moist food and treats.