Mica Corporation will showcase its commercial line of water-based PEI and EAA primers, along with its premiere Specialty Primer and Functional Coating products, at Converter’s Expo in Wisconsin and ICE USA in Kentucky.
Mica’s range of water-based PEI and EAA primers are water-based, single component, have no VOCs, and have FDA compliance for non-direct food contact.  
The PEIs, such as MICA A-131-X, MICA H-760-A, and MICA H-788, provide high bond strength to a variety of substrates and extrudates and can provide heat and chemical resistance properties to a multitude of structures. Mica’s PEI products provide varying performance levels, which make them ideal for many applications, including extrusion lamination, extrusion coating, hot cup stock, clay-coated paperboard and ink adhesion.
The EAAs, such as MICA M-1164 and MICA G-1092, provide great adhesion, as well as chemical, water and heat resistance properties for metalized film and aluminum foil structures. 
In addition to its PEI and EAA primers, Mica will showcase solutions for oxygen barrier, surface modification, heat-seal and other specialty primers and functional coating solutions for a variety of applications.
For decades, Mica has been partnering with global leaders in the converting industry to successfully develop custom solutions to promote adhesion to many substrates, extrudates and unique applications. 
Visit Mica at Booth No. 68 at Converter’s Expo at Lambeau Field Atrium in Green Bay, Wisconsin on March 28, or stop by Booth No. 1343 at ICE USA at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky from April 9-11.
Mica Corporation