One of Brazil’s largest contract pouch packaging companies, Rangel Industria e Commercio Ltda of São Päulo, has confirmed the purchase of its seventh pouch machine line from Sun Centre USA, including four machines in just the last two years. The newest purchase is for the versatile SCSG-compact Series pouch machine capable of producing most pouch formats, including stand-up pouch with zipper, 2/3 side seal with zipper, side gusset pet food, center and lap seal coffee/tostada bag.

In January 2019, Rangel installed its second SCSP600BZ-DR Dual Registration pouch machine from Sun Centre USA. This machine is designed to make high speed standup pouch with using only two films to make the front and back panels as well as the gusset panel. This unique process eliminates the need for a third roll of film for an insert gusset as well as the slitting needed for a third roll. The machine does come with an insert gusset standard for those who want to have a clear or different material in the gusset. The new Sun Centre DR machine opens up significant opportunities for those wanting to take advantage of narrow web digital presses for pouch production. The digital market can also enjoy better economies on short runs.

The SCSP600BZ-DR machine will be on display at the K Show Oct 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany, before shipping to Rangel operations in São Päulo. This will be third Sun Centre machine of this type for Rangel, giving the company a leading position in Brazil for producing digitally printed pouches with short-run efficiencies.