Patented Sniff Seal closure liner technology is designed to give brand owners a way to showcase product scents/aromas without breaching the seal and compromising the contents. Teckni-Plex also says that scents can be experienced through face masks.

“There are many instances where consumers want to know what a product actually smells like before putting it in the shopping cart. In the current environment where face mask wearing is mandated in many communities, consumers may be more prone to peeling back seals or removing fitments to experience the scent before buying. When a package is returned to the shelf in a compromised condition, it is no longer sellable. As a result, the retail industry experiences a significant amount of loss annually,” explains David Andrulonis, senior vice president and general manager, Tri-Seal, a Tekni-Plex business unit.

Sniff Seal closure liners are reportedly the first to enable scent permeation through an induction seal without affecting the seal or compromising the contents. Sniff Seal technology is available for a variety of product categories, including food, beverage, personal care and cosmetics.

“An extensive range of products can benefit from this technology. Imagine being able to experience the smell of fresh peanut butter or mango-scented shampoo or spring-fresh deodorant in a retail aisle without removing a seal or a fitment,” Andrulonis says. “Sniff Seal promotes less contact between the product and the casual shopper.”

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