Solely, an organic fruit jerky and dried fruit brand, launched its new Organic Whole Fruit Gummies, available exclusively at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide. The Solely Organic Whole Fruit Gummies contain real whole fruit, Vitamin C and nothing else. Each pouch contains 0.7 ounces of fruit with 60-70 calories. In addition to having no added sugar, preservatives, gelatins, colors or gums, the plant-based snack is also USDA organic, kosher and Non-GMO verified. The gummies will be available in Organic Mango and Organic Mango & Orange flavors, with an Organic Mango & Guava flavor available in the future.

"We have been working on this revolutionary product for several years now and are excited to share it with Whole Foods Market consumers nationwide," says Simon Sacal, Solely's CEO. "Compared to other fruit gummy snacks that are packed with added sugars, dyes and little to no REAL fruit, our Organic Whole Fruit Gummies contain only real fruit and vitamin C. These convenient little pouches make eating real, clean fruit easier for everyone! Naturally, we have partnered with Whole Foods Market, a leader in the industry, for this exciting launch."

Solely says its core belief is that food production should be sustainable and works with its farmers on eliminating food waste by using perfect and imperfect produce, gently and consciously processing them at its nearby facilities. Most of Solely's food technologies are based on worldwide patents it has incorporated into company culture and it says it never sacrifices the experience its products are known for: the taste, texture and aroma of fresh fruit without added sugars and preservatives. Solely's minimalistic product packaging is meant to offer a long shelf life while minimizing the product's carbon footprint.

"We're excited to exclusively offer Solely's new Organic Whole Fruit Gummies on our shelves starting in January 2021," says Anna Fagan, grocery category merchant at Whole Foods Market. "Solely has been a great partner, bringing several unique, innovative and plant-based products across multiple categories. These new fruit gummies deliver a great flavor, without added sugars and gelatins that are often found in other fruit snacks."

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