Toppan Printing, a solutions provider for global companies addressing environmental issues such as global warming and plastic waste, collaborated with Unilever Japan on quality tests resulting in the adoption of mono-material flexible packaging for “Lux Luminique Sachet Set Limited Design”, which will go on sale in Japan this spring.

With the problem of plastic waste receiving significant attention, demand for more eco-friendly packaging continues to increase, and companies are reportedly taking various measures focused on targets for better circulation of plastic resources used for packaging and containers. Unilever has announced global commitments for a waste-free world, aiming to halve its use of virgin plastic, help collect and process more plastic than it sells and ensure that 100% of plastic packaging is designed to be fully reusable, recyclable or compostable. Unilever is transforming its approach to plastic packing through its ‘Less plastic. Better plastic. No plastic.’ framework.

“SUSTAINABLE-VALUE Packaging” launched as part of the “TOPPAN S-VALUE Packaging” brand, which range includes more readily recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) mono-material flexible packaging for individual packages. By leveraging vapor deposition and coating technologies accumulated by over 30 years in the manufacture of transparent barrier films, Toppan worked with Unilever Japan to achieve a switch to mono-material composition for individual packages for liquid toiletry products.

Conventional individual packages combine a PET substrate with materials such as aluminum and polyethylene. Toppan’s mono-material packaging uses a PET-based grade of GL FILM, a market-leading vapor-deposited transparent barrier film from the GL BARRIER range and combines it with PET sealant. The manufacturing method and material composition ensure outstanding oxygen and water vapor barrier performance, provide low adsorption to prevent loss of aroma and quality and make it possible to prevent reduction of product weight during storage over long periods. The use of a single material improves recyclability, and the absence of aluminum film enables a reduction of roughly 25% in CO2 emissions during packaging manufacture.

“We’re delighted that Unilever Japan has chosen Toppan’s mono-material flexible packaging for these new products,” says Yoshimitsu Anamizu, managing executive officer of Toppan’s living & industry division. “We continue to work on developing more readily recyclable and eco-friendly solutions for diverse packaging contents and aim to contribute to the growth of our customers’ businesses and a sustainable society by expanding the TOPPAN S-VALUE Packaging range.”

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