Ossid, a ProMach brand and North American distributor of Reepack, is offering four new flow wrap machines — ideal for the snack, bakery, produce, fresh and processed proteins, dairy and medical industries. The machines from Reepack, an Italian manufacturer of flow wrap machines for food packaging applications, are easy to operate, clean and can increase efficiency and production, according to the company.

Rotary Motion Flow Wrapper Series

Ideal for packaged food and medical products, the new series increases productivity by cutting changeover time between package format types. It is available in top and bottom seal machines, with standard and wide widths to accommodate a variety of applications. The following machines, known as the ReeFlow Rotary Motion Flow Wrapper series, are hygienic, horizontal flow wrappers that are equipped with three sides of sealing:

  • ReeFlow 50
  • ReeFlow 50 W (Wide)
  • ReeFlow 100 T (Top Seal)
  • ReeFlow 100 TW (Top Seal - Wide)
  • ReeFlow 100 BW (Bottom Seal - Wide)

Long Dwell Flow Wrapper Series

The Long Dwell Flow Wrapper 200 series is powered by six electronically synchronized independent motors, producing high-quality airtight seals. Ideal for pillow packaging, the sealing head has an independent motor, which optimizes cycle time and enables smaller, more accurate package lengths. At the same time, the stainless-steel construction, cantilevered frame and high degree of moisture protection also ensure sanitation and easy maintenance. The series is offered in the following four models:

  • ReeFlow 200 B (Bottom Seal)
  • ReeFlow 200 T (Top Seal)
  • ReeFlow 200 BW (Bottom Seal - Wide)
  • ReeFlow 200 TW (Top Seal - Wide)

Box Motion Flow Wrapper Series

The Box Motion Flow Wrapper 300 series handles a variety of products and wrapping materials, while  minimizing changeover time between package format types. This machine is ideal for pillow packaging large and heavy products. It has two models:

  • ReeFlow 300 TW (Top Seal - Wide)
  • ReeFlow 300 BW (Bottom Seal - Wide)

4 Side Sealing Flow Wrapper

The 4 Side Sealing Flow Wrapper (4S) is the ideal machine to package sliced portioned products, such as deli meats and cheeses, according to Reepack. It uses four-sided sealing technology, offering users a new way to package fresh products, while using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The machine not only integrates with major automatic industrial slicers, but is also an eco-friendly product, as it minimizes the waste of packaging materials.

For more information, visit ossid.com and reepack.com/en.