The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) granted Critical Guidance Recognition to Polyplastics USA for flexible multi-layered film for stand-up pouches with 15.5% or less TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), including TOPAS 9506F-500, TOPAS 8007F-600, TOPAS 7010F-600 and TOPAS 6013F-04 grades. The APR recognition demonstrates that Polyplastics’ TOPAS COC is compatible with polyethylene (PE) film recycling streams.  

The APR recognition is based on the technical recyclability of multi-layered film including COC content with PE films. The film
meets or exceeds APR’s FPE-CG-01, Critical Guidance Protocol for PE Film and Flexible Packaging, Path 1. 

To support the packaging industry’s movement to a circular economy, Polyplastics is developing necessary data to support
industry-wide sustainability efforts. This APR recognition will allow companies to confidently use COC to enhance the performance of recyclable products. The new recognition follows APR’s critical guidance recognition last year for high-gloss HDPE containers
with 20% cyclic olefin copolymer, TOPAS 8007F-600, outer layer.  

The APR is an international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry and has taken the lead in setting
standards for plastics recyclability at U.S. recyclers.  

The APR recognition for COC is another important development for brand owners, manufacturers, and processors who seek recycled packaging solutions, according to Paul Tatarka, market development manager for Polyplastics USA. “COC is a highly effective material option that can be used as a strategic component to meet today’s broad sustainability needs,” says Tatarka. “Discrete COC layers in a multi-layer structure can be an effective and efficient design option for recyclable flexible films, particularly for
stand-up pouches.” 

Polyplastics is working actively with leading global film manufacturers and brands to develop a range of recyclable packaging
applications including stand-up pouches. 

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