We’re getting to know Marko Wittich, CEO of Greif-Velox America, a recent subsidiary of Greif-Velox. And since Greif-Velox is a German company, there’s a strong chance you’re pronouncing the name incorrectly if you’re unfamiliar with either the company or the German language. Instead of grief, like beef, it’s actually gr-eye-f, like ice. Marko goes on to explain what that means and why it’s an ideal name for what the company specializes in.

Like many of the people we’ve spoken to in the packaging industry during our People in Packaging segments, Marko just kind of fell into the biz. An engineer by trade with an MBA, he was asked to become part of Greif-Velox and then to run the company’s newly launched California-based subsidiary.

Watch the video to learn more about Marko and Greif-Velox, as well as to see one of the company’s marquee products in action.


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