The new TC-2000 film topcoat from Avery Dennison Labels and Packaging Materials was designed to deliver the anchorage and ink flow that enables stronger colors and bolder graphics with a wide range of printing techniques.

The company says that while TC-2000 delivers solid, consistent performance across a wide range of printing technologies, the improved performance of the topcoat is particularly valuable in UV inkjet printing where it enables label designers to confidently employ bold typefaces, gradients, seals and other eye-catching graphics.

“The new TC-2000 from Avery Dennison provides everything we look for when shopping for materials— anchorage, ink flow, and quality results.” says Matt Stein, digital printing demo room manager at Domino. “It performs brilliantly with the Domino N610i and Domino inks.’

TC-2000 builds on Avery Dennison’s TC-1000 topcoat with improved ink anchorage to enhance on-press efficiency gains and improves profit margins by eliminating the need to corona treat or prime in UV print platforms. It reportedly creates an extremely strong bond between ink and film, allowing heavier inks to be laid down to achieve sharp images and bold looks.

“The versatility and high performance of TC-2000 allows converters to use the same film for flexo or digital printing, simplifying inventory management,” says Anh Marella, films marketing director at Avery Dennison. “Plus, the process efficiencies enabled by this new topcoat create additional benefits and make TC-2000 an ideal choice for traditional and digital printing.”

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