Integrated Plastics Packaging introduced its side gusset, flat bottom for a wide range of products from grains to pet foods

Utilizing pouch structures ranging from clear high barrier materials, foil-based laminates or metalized films, shelf-life requirements can be tailored to each customer’s needs. 

In addition, IPP offers the ability to combine clear, high barrier side gusset panels to an opaque pouch to enable product visibility without sacrificing shelf life.

The following are benefits of a 3D, side gusset, flat bottom pouch:

  • A Flat Bottom pouch saves more than 20% of the material used in the same volume than a traditional stand-up pouch.
  • Capability to be printed on up to five sides, with the large printing area allows the text and pattern design of a products to stand out on a shelf.
  • Multiple types of closure such as press-to-close, pocket zipper and slider zipper — allowing the pouch to be easily reusable and easy for storage.  
  • The layout of the pouch allows it to have a stable standing on the shelve.
  • Options such as a one-way exhaust valve can be attached for products, such as coffee.

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