In August this year I flew out of state for the first time since June 2019. I’m finally able to attend packaging conventions, so in preparation for the first trip of many, I bought travel size everything: shampoo, conditioner, aerosol dry shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, toner, face wash, mouth wash, contact solution, fabric wrinkle spray, hand sanitizer. I transferred enough face moisturizer for three trips into a travel container, and was sure to bring a facial spray, setting spray and liquid makeup primer.

Did I mention I’m a checked-bag type of girl? This was actually my first time flying with just a carry-on.

At least I got busted on the way home.

“Miss, you have WAY too many liquids in your bag! You have to pick which items to throw away,” said the TSA Agent.

“But they’re all 3 oz,” I said.

He pulls out a quart-sized bag. “Whatever doesn’t fit in this bag has to go.”

I proceeded to pick and choose, placing the keep items in the bag — which was full in no time — leaving me to throw away at least six fresh travel-size goodies. That’s not even mentioning that there were more products in my backpack, which luckily they did not choose to inspect.

Finally through security and still in a daze, I went to fill up my water pouch at the drinking fountain when it dawned on me. A lot of the bottles I kept weren’t completely full, some were even half full, and with the rigid containers they were in, it was no wonder I couldn’t fit much in the baggie.

I’m curious what things you think would work better in flexible packaging, and if you have any TSA stories worth sharing.

I thought about that experience when I came across the Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottles we’re featuring in this issue’s Flexible by Design. Although I’m a recent fan of the using the toiletries awaiting you in a hotel room, I wonder if we’ll see more everyday items like those in the travel size bin switch to flexible packaging in the New Year.



Sam Paul
Associated Editor

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