Fres-co System USA, a leading innovator in flexible packaging solutions, has announced the launch of its FSU800RTC continuous motion vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS) machine. The FSU800RTC is a game-changer for the food service and food and beverage sectors, providing a versatile and reliable option for products that demand uncompromised shelf stability. With advanced sealing technologies, clean-in-place controls, high production throughput, and increased product safety, it is an excellent and proven option for producing packages for retort processing when paired with Fres-co’s proven flexible films.

The FSU800RTC is a fully integrated machine designed for multi-phase filling of liquids and solids that uses continuous motion, meaning rollstock film seamlessly flows throughout the form, fill, and seal process without stopping. As a result, its production speed is approximately 50% faster than traditional intermittent VFFS packaging machines, not only allowing for increased efficiency and productivity to better rival traditional canning lines, but also reducing the overall wear and tear compared to alternative machines that use intermittent motion.

The FSU800RTC uses two types of sealing technologies to create secure and reliable hermetic seals to ensure a high level of product protection. Heat sealing is used for vertical seals while ultrasonic sealing is used for horizontal seals. Ultrasonic sealing forces product out of the sealing area, helping to prevent splashing and pouch leaks while preventing contamination and reducing headspace.

Constructed from stainless steel and featuring Clean-In-Place (CIP) controls, the FSU800RTC is easy to clean and sanitize after each use without disassembling, making it suitable for packaging food products requiring stringent sanitation measures.

In addition to higher throughput, the FSU800RTC produces tear-open flexible packaging that is often safer and easier for the end user, especially beneficial for food service operations where #10 cans are used, exposing employees to lids with sharp edges.

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