Cheer Pack North America (CPNA), the leading manufacturer of spouted pouch packaging, collaborating with Amcor, the leading flexible film manufacturer, has announced a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable packaging for Stonyfield® Organic, the country's leading organic yogurt makers. The CHEERCircle™ All-PE recycle-ready spouted pouch is part of the CPNA Sustainability+ offering and marks a significant step towards a more eco-friendly packaging future.

Stonyfield® Organic is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality organic yogurt. To further their commitment to environmental responsibility, they have collaborated with CPNA to introduce a revolutionary packaging pouch for YoBaby®, a leading yogurt for babies 6 months to 2 years. The new pouch design replaces the prior multi-laminate structure with a mono-material PE recycle-ready laminate called AmPrima PE Plus made by Amcor. This new packaging is not only designed for future recycling but also aligns with Stonyfield® Organic’s sustainability goal to light-weight their packaging by 2030.

Additionally, the YoBaby CHEERCircle™ PE mono-material spouted pouch includes the new Vizi™ cap, the innovative CHEER PACK® cap that delivers improved visibility of tamper-evidence, sustainability and grip. Compared to caps used in many other yogurt or similar spouted pouch applications, for every 10 million pouches sold with the Vizi™ cap, Stonyfield® Organic will remove a staggering 5.3 tons of plastic waste from landfills. This highlights the tremendous impact that an improved sustainable package design can play towards environmental preservation.

Al Madonna, Vice President of Marketing for CPNA states, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Stonyfield® Organic on our CHEERCircle™ all-PE recycle-ready spouted pouch and Vizi™ cap, a pioneering step in sustainable spouted pouch and cap packaging that exemplifies our shared commitment to a greener world.” 

Sophie Schmitt, Director of Marketing for Stonyfield® agrees, “Stonyfield has been an environmental pioneer since the day we were founded as an organic farming school in 1983. Over the last four decades we’ve been leaders in sustainability and we take our commitments seriously. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Cheerpak NA on a sustainable pouch solution to help achieve our long-term packaging goals and make steps toward protecting the planet for generations to come.”

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