“This investment was made totally to support our customers’ pouch fitment developments and allows us to do real world testing and validation of our designs”, explains Blair Pasternak, President of HQC (hqcinc.com)


Incorporating a hands-on approach, customers bring in their pouches and work together with HQC’s technical team to optimize the pouch fitment insertion/sealing process. The interest so far has been strong, the company says.  
Allowing customers access to the fitment insertion equipment can be a key factor in speeding up product development timelines.  Beyond designing, molding and assembling custom and stock pouch fitments, HQC’s service now extends into facilitating the entire package development process.  This program translates to a comprehensive value-add to customers.  
Focusing on product development activities and market test quantities, commercial fitment insertion can be transferred to the ongoing production site when ready.  The addition of this new equipment bridges the gaps among concept, testing and commercial launch. The automated inserter also complements HQC’s other services, including burst and leak testing as well as 3D printing for custom fitment and closure designs. All commercial activities and production are done in the U.S.