Klöckner Pentaplast (kpfilms.com) will display a wide range of high performance card films in booth #510 during the ICMA Expo 2016 show, April 4-7, at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando. The Klöckner Pentaplast Pentacard® film line has been expanded to include new coated overlay films. On display will be applications of Pentacard® H140 films—engineered to bond to HP Indigo digital inks and designed to provide excellent and consistently high peel values—and kpFoil® metallized and holographic core, for high-impact graphics in printed cards

Pentacard® H140 is introduced for customers producing laminated cards using the HP Indigo digital printing process. The coating chemistry functions at lower temperatures than standard overlay coatings which provides crisp visual graphics in the laminated card while avoiding cracks and color shifts which have been known to occur in the digital inks with higher laminating temperature. Pentacard® H140 coated overlay films are available in 2 mil and 3 mil PVC thicknesses and are available in roll or sheet format. These new Pentacard® coated overlay films are available from Klöckner Pentaplast in the U.S., Canada and Mexico and are engineered to provide best-in-class performance.

Klöckner Pentaplast is promoting metallized or holographic kpFoil® core materials as graphic design elements for the next generation of cards.

“The card industry is rapidly changing, and seeking to offer card designs and graphic effects to differentiate a brand to the consumer,” comments Kent Sides, Director, Card Films. “To meet this need, kp has expanded its product offering to combine colors, reflective and holographic surface effects to give card designers a wide degree of flexibility. Recent developments in coatings (Pentacard® H140 coated overlay) also support the use of digital printing technologies for laminated card products.”

Klöckner Pentaplast has global sourcing via multiple international manufacturing plants. Global sourcing allows customers to work with the kp team to centrally specify product requirements and source products and technical support locally from kp. Pentacard® products offer excellent uniformity of film characteristics from one sheet or roll to the next. Pentacard® films provide superior process and performance properties (lamination, printability, heat resistance, die-cutting) to ensure improved yield for credit, phone, membership, debit, smart, and proximity/RFID cards. These films are offered with a range of different laminating temperatures.