The widest slitter rewinder in the world has been delivered to China Soft Packaging Group. The customer ordered three 11-meter wide machines of the type monoslit giant from GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH. They are intended for processing plastic films.

With this new design, the company has set a benchmark in the processing of films. "This accomplishment underlines GOEBEL's leading technical expertise in the construction of slitter rewinders," says Dr. Ralf Enderle, Managing Director of GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH. "Both the many years of experience of our specialists in the engineering and assembly, and the use of the latest technologies and materials are decisive components in the realization of such a project. A product of such high quality can only be created with teamwork between all of the company's experts involved and with the inclusion of our partners on the supplier side. This means that GOEBEL is very well prepared for the challenges of the future."

The 11-meter wide GOEBEL monoslit giant set new standards. Within three months, several thousand parts were assembled and more than 3,000 meters of electric cable were laid. A particularly impressive component is the grooved roller. It has a length of 11,370 millimeters. The shaft has 5,450 grooves of approximately 1 millimeter width, distributed over the entire roller width. This means that it is possible to slit finished rolls, which are between 300 and 3,300 millimeters wide, in 2 millimeter graduations. Slitting is carried out using razor blades which engage precisely into these grooves.

The slitter rewinder accommodates stock rolls with a diameter of up to 1,500 millimeter and processes them into finished rolls with a maximum diameter of 1,200 millimeter. The unwind width can be selected by the customer himself; it is between 9,400 millimeter and 10,400 millimeter. In the future, 18 winding stations will be available for 24-hour production. With its state-of-the-art technology, it processes films with a thickness of 10 to 80 um. The test run in Darmstadt was more than satisfactory. "Over the entire speed range of 0 to 1,500 meters per minute, the machine runs extremely smoothly," Dr. Hans-Peter Bauer, head of design engineering at GOEBEL, says, "That is unique for a slitter rewinder with those dimensions." In addition, the noise level was considerably lower than the required noise emission value.

In addition to the machine design, the peripherals and the internal power supply, for example, were redesigned too. The set-up of the machine takes place at ground level; costly foundation works and cable ducts are a thing of the past. China Soft Packaging Group produces 350,000 tons of plastic films a year and wants to increase its production by 50 percent. Convinced of the quality of the technical solutions, the customer commissioned GOEBEL with the construction of three 11-meter wide machines. For years, there has been close mutual trust between the customer from China and GOEBEL. "It is a pleasure to be able to offer our customers solutions and develop these for them, enabling production efficiency and production performance to be increased," Enderle says.

GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH