Based on intensive dialogue with brand owners worldwide, Sun Chemical’s team of packaging specialists has crystallized the most pressing issues as follows: 

  1. Compliance
  2. Brand Protection
  3. Sustainability
  4. Late Stage Differentiation
  5. Lightweighting
  6. Color Consistency
  7. Shelf Impact
  8. Shelf Life
  9. Packaging Plus
  10. Consumer Experience
The Sun Chemical packaging manifesto sets each challenge against its market context, and summarizes possible solutions from Sun Chemical’s portfolio. The printed Manifesto will be available from the Sun Chemical stand, with specific documents for each of the ten points of the Manifesto available to download from the Sun Chemical website
Subject-area specialists from the global Sun Chemical team will be on hand throughout Interpack 2014 to answer individual visitors’ questions about each of the Manifesto points, and to help brand owners explore possible solutions that can be applied across their supply chain. 
A portfolio of packaging samples being shared by Sun Chemical on the stand will also help brand owners to see real-world solutions to each of these challenges for themselves, while the new SunInspire samples box specifically invites more in-depth exploration of Sun Chemical’s innovations to boost shelf impact.
Other new solutions being showcased by Sun Chemical at Interpack 2014 reinforce the company’s commitment to helping brand owners address many of these mission-critical challenges. Some solutions may address one particular challenge, while others may straddle several issues, helping brand owners to improve performance across many areas simultaneously. 
For example, the new SunLam lamination adhesives and coatings being launched globally at Interpack can help brand owners to enhance the performance of flexible pouches, lightweighting the pack and improving environmental profile by removing film layers and increasing efficiency. The oxygen barrier qualities of SunLam have the scope to improve shelf life and to optimize consumer experience by forming a robust barrier against malodours and other environmental contamination, maintaining texture, colour and freshness. The barrier performance of these coatings also has the potential to prevent migration of mineral oils from carton board in packaging for sensitive food, cosmetic and pharma applications, helping brand owners to attain compliance with consumer safety legislation.
Visitors to the Sun Chemical stand can also see a demonstration of the SunLase laser-marking solution for late stage differentiation, as well as seeing PantoneLIVE, a tool to help brand owners achieve global color consistency. Sun Branding solutions will showcase its innovative approach to the use of augmented reality to add value to packaging through enhanced content, converting it into a long-term engagement platform between brand and consumer – the essence of the ‘Packaging Plus’ manifesto item.
Sun Chemical Chief Marketing Officer Felipe Mellado explains the thinking behind the introduction of the Packaging Manifesto: 
“Brand owners are performing a complex juggling act, balancing the desire to optimise the physical and promotional performance of their packaging with the need to manage costs and ensure that their packaging meets or exceeds legislative requirements and consumer expectations for safety and sustainability. Across our global business, we see that there are many common threads to the complex issues which brand owners bring to the table to discuss with us. However, we also tend to find that it can be difficult for brand owners to understand how innovations in inks and coatings are relevant to their commercial concerns. 
“We wanted to summarise the leading issues in the language of the brand owner, and use the Packaging Manifesto to offer brand owners reassurance and proactive solutions. Not only are their issues common to many other brands, but we can help solve these problems now, at a global level, through even the most complex multi-territory, multi-process supply chain. Brand owners rely heavily on their packaging designers and converters to help them address these pressing issues. As a global leader in packaging solutions from concept to consumer, working closely with every link in the supply chain, we can offer a broad portfolio of product innovations, backed by deep technical capabilities, to help brand owners achieve their goals and optimise all the key performance aspects of their packaging.”
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