Plasma Coatings, in cooperation with its Japan licensee, completed an on-site coating application project for a large petroleum company in Ulsan, South Korea. The application involved coating a large, low pressure vessel, 13 feet in diameter by 33 feet long with the PC-28015 release coating for non-stick and corrosion resistance. While coating a vessel like this one was nothing new for Plasma Coatings, the confined space was a challenge, along with coordinating an international team of resources from the US, Japan, and South Korea.

Plasma Coating has been leading the industry since 1984 with on-site service, which provides customers with premium coating services requiring little to no disassembly of equipment and less machine downtime. With the latest on-site project in South Korea, “we bring the plant to you” takes on a whole new meaning.

“Before work even began, our focus was to be prepared for anything and everything since we would not have access to US resources once in South Korea,” says Gary Carlo, Plant Manager. “It was a great effort by all to accomplish this.” The team included experienced U.S. employees, along with crew members from our Licensed Applicator in Japan, Kanmeta Engineering Co, Ltd, who traveled overseas for two weeks to complete this project on time, and as scheduled.


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