Provident LLC, manufacturer and distributor of doctor blades and end seals designed for flexography, has launched a new feature-rich website that conveys the company’s extensive product line.

“Provident’s new website introduces a completely new company built upon the most impressive doctor blade and end seal experience in the industry,” says Andrew Gillis, general manager for Provident LLC. The website provides flexo printers with the knowledge to improve print quality and performance, and includes a series of “how to” educational videos on doctor blades and end seals. 
A variety of features improve the site’s usability, functionality and performance; as a result, flexographers can get the information they need more quickly. Graphics and video-rich content showcase Provident’s extensive product lines and its unique customized solutions. Visitors to the website can request samples of doctor blades and end seals cut to their specifications.
Provident Group
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