Rollprint high-barrier packaging filmRollprint Packaging Products, Inc., is announcing the addition of a second high-barrier structure to its Exponent film family.  Exponent 2 features a combination of Rollprint’s award-winning ClearFoil and a coextruded non-crystalline polyester sealant. (The non-crystalline attributes enhance sealing properties.) The material targets pharmaceutical and other chemically-sensitive applications which require exceptional barrier and clarity. 
“With Ineos’ recent announcement that it is exiting the Barex acrylonitrile-methyl acrylate copolymer business, we wanted to let the industry know immediately that there is an alternative clear, high-barrier structure,” says Dwane Hahn, vice president of sales and marketing at Rollprint.  “In fact, Exponent 2 offers improved sealing characteristics over Barex due to easier-to-create hermetic seals and improved line speeds.”
ClearFoil, a barrier-coated polyester, is coextrusion coated with a non-crystalline polyester sealant to create Exponent 2. Pre-made or inline pouching, lidding and flow wrap applications are anticipated to be the first commercialized package types.
When compared to traditional foil-based high-barrier structures, Exponent 2’s reduced number of layers and gauge offer cost-savings and create an improved environmental profile for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products.  The structure’s high-barrier and clarity properties also make it a suitable replacement for glass vials, where cost and breakage continue to challenge manufacturers.
“We have engineered the Exponent family of films to meet performance requirements for pharma and other chemically-sensitive products, but use less material to help manufacturers meet their cost objectives.  We also wanted to offer clarity attributes not possible with foil-based structures and give companies an alternative to glass vials,” says Hahn.
Exponent 2 has been engineered to provide a chemically neutral, ultra-high oxygen and water vapor barrier with chemical resistance.
The transdermal patch, e-cigarette and diagnostics markets are the first application opportunities Rollprint envisions for this technology. Exponent 2 is also an excellent candidate for single-dose delivery systems and cosmetic applications because of its high surface-to-volume ratio and unique barrier properties. Additionally, the high-barrier film is ideally suited for the emerging flexible packaging for wine and spirits segment because of its outstanding organoleptic characteristics. 
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