Hilex Poly has announced that its portfolio of branded product lines will begin operating under the new name Novolex, which will include Hilex Poly; Duro Bag; Fortune Plastics and Novolex Custom Film and Bag.
Stan Bikulege, Novolex chairman and CEO, issued the following statement announcing the transition: “Novolex's mission is to continue a tradition of leadership established by our historic brands in the areas of packaging choice, customer service, manufacturing innovation, quality, and sustainability. The change signifies a number of great companies coming together under a new name focused on delivering value to our customers, suppliers and employees through broader product categories and markets. Novolex's family of packaging brands will create new value and synergies by covering the full spectrum of retailer and institutional 
companies packaging requirements.”

Hilex Poly

The Hilex Poly brand includes a portfolio ranging from grocery, retail, and food service checkout systems such as the QuikMateEZ bag, to produce bags like the RollStar system and umbrellas bags. The award winning Bag-2-Bag® plastic bag and film recycling program will also remain part of the Hilex Poly brand and philosophy.

Duro Bag

The Duro Bag brand of products represents a portfolio of grocery bags, handle bags, compostable paper lawn and leaf bags, and various specialty bags, including lunch bags, pharmacy bags, Freshness Paper bread bags, as well as a broad range of premium paper shopping bags for luxury retailers in North America.

Fortune Plastics

The Fortune Plastics brand of products is a portfolio of bin liners, food grade packaging and other plastics designed for institutional, retail and food 
service industries.


Novolex Custom Film and Bag is a manufacturer of stretch hooder and banner films under the Accu-Stretch and Accu-Banner trade names as well as 
precision engineered films and roll stock for manufacturing and logistics applications.