Supporting customers after the sale is a priority for Davis-Standard, LLC and this will be evident at the company’s NPE booth. Davis-Standard’s aftermarket department will exhibit multiple feedscrew designs, fast delivery spare parts, a rebuilt Thermatic extruder and a variety of extrusion control systems and upgrades. 

Feedscrew Services – Davis-Standard replacement or rebuilt feedscrews range from 3/4-inch to 12 inches in diameter. Our ability to design and manufacture some of the industry’s top-performing feedscrews is one reason we have been an extrusion leader for more than 50 years. With our R&D facilities and team of experienced polymer process engineers, we offer world-class screw designs and technical capabilities. For feedscrew rebuilds, the screw is engineered back to its original performance characteristics and surface treatments.
Spare Parts – A large selection of mechanical and spare parts inventories enable Davis-Standard to ship in-stock parts within one business day.This includes feedscrews, barrels, thermocouples, heaters, motors and more. This is part of Davis-Standard’s 24/7 commitment to customer service where customers can access a service technician to handle emergency parts inquiries and service needs. 
Extruder Rebuilds – Davis-Standard will exhibit a rebuilt 2 ½-inch thermatic extruder. Davis-Standard is able to transform aging equipment with improved efficiency and output with a fast turnaround. Extruder retrofit services include replacement of the extruder barrel, feed section, screw and breaker plate, new controls, L/D conversions and more. 
Process Control Upgrades – One of the controls upgrades shown at NPE will be the CMR to Integrator PRO rebuild. The CMR system is one of Davis-Standard’s older converting systems controls, which was replaced by more efficient Integrator technology. Davis-Standard also offers upgrade technical services such as DC to AC drive conversion packages. This particular option has the potential to improve energy savings as much as 20 percent. Davis-Standard also provides complete control systems and upgrades for non-extrusion lines such as liquid coating applications and non-woven applications. 
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