tesa 51918Tesa Tape Inc., has released the latest in the company’s next generation of performance tapes for high-speed film printing applications in the Tesa 51918 and Tesa 51904. The two new splicing tapes are designed for on-demand splicing of film webs during high-speed flexographic printing applications and are engineered for optimal performance during critical flying splice printing environments.

Based on the patented Tesa EasySplice technology, Tesa 51918 takes flying splices to a whole new level. Backed by a high-performance polyester film, Tesa 51918 is designed to be applied to the new film web in a straight line configuration, offering maximum efficiency in web preparation time. Its sophisticated adhesive system is designed to securely adhere to the expiring film web during flying splice printing, coating and converting applications. Furthermore, the tape’s distinctive black polyester backing is designed to resist tearing when thick films are converted at high web tensions. The product’s black color also makes it very easily detectable, even at the highest of print speeds.

Backed by decades of experience in developing double-sided tapes for industrial applications, Tesa R&D engineers have developed a versatile double-sided splicing tape designed for both film spicing applications as well as new web “core starting” applications in its Tesa 51904. Using the distinctive pink-colored tape, tesa 51904, print specialists can prepare new film webs with splice patterns of choice. The product’s rugged rubber adhesive system is specially formulated to securely adhere to expiring film webs during the printing, coating, and converting operations, as well as offering an optimal choice for attaching film roles onto new cores.


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