Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7Kodak is delivering Prinergy Workflow 7, the latest advancement of the company’s workflow automation software.

All of the enhancements to Prinergy Workflow 7 protect the profit margins of today’s print service providers, including new features that limit human error, improve time to press, and enable faster and more informed decisions that are critical for keeping margins healthy.
“Kodak’s strength is in research and development,” says Jeff Clarke, chief executive officer of Eastman Kodak Co. “We listened to our customers when they told us that high-quality printing is not enough in today’s printing industry, they needed to further increase their advantage over their competitors. To address those needs we leveraged our software engineering expertise to create Prinergy Workflow 7. Workflow software is a driver of efficiency and productivity and Prinergy Workflow 7 takes those to new heights and enables our customers to better compete in a challenging marketplace.”
Prinergy Workflow increases the level of automation in every core function of the printing process – job creation, collaboration, file processing, trapping, proofing, imposition and color management, enabling printers to better compete in today’s changing print environment. Kodak’s workflow automation software also delivers the flexibility to integrate with current, future and third-party technology, allowing customers to grow their workflow system alongside their business.
Demand driven improvements to Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7 include: 
  • Callas Preflight Profile Integration – Preflight+ allows the integration of callas preflight profiles for improved quality control and reduced manual touch points.
  • Layered PDF Versioning Enhancements – Improved error detection and better control over multiple layers of files making versioned printing more flexible, reliable and repeatable than ever.
  • Digital Printing Enhancements - Centralized control over digital and conventional presses and equipment to deliver efficient, automated production of all job sizes to a fleet of Kodak and third-party digital presses and computer-to-plate devices. Kodak is leveraging these digital printing enhancements to enable an advanced level of automation and management of production presses. These new capabilities make it possible for Prinergy Workflow 7 to control job ticketing parameters both manually and through rules-based automation of multiple devices while monitoring and reporting the status of each alongside CTP devices and proofers.
To learn more about the additional features and benefits of Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7 visit www.kodak.com/go/prinergy.