Several months ago, Fortis Solutions Group was approached by a client seeking guidance on a flexible packaging project. The client – who had been outsourcing the printing, filling and sealing of its flexible packaging products for its haircare lines – wanted to move the flexible packaging printing to Fortis Solutions Group and bring the pouch filling and sealing in-house to have better control over the cost, quality and lead time of production. In order to successfully transition to filling and sealing in-house, the client needed to find the right equipment, materials and designs to meet their flexible packaging needs.

Fortis Solutions Group immediately assembled an in-house team of label and packaging engineers, graphic designers and material experts to prepare the game plan for this project. The project was broken down into three main phases; 1) equipment review and testing, 2) selection of suitable materials, and 3) the graphic design of the finished product.

To evaluate equipment and test materials, Fortis Solutions Group worked closely with the client, the pouch film supplier and the equipment manufacturer to gain a clear understanding of the performance needs of both the equipment and the pouch material. Fortis then recommended pouch materials for testing on the equipment that met the needs of both the client and equipment manufacturer. The labeling company quickly printed samples that were tested thoroughly at the equipment manufacturer’s location.  It was critical that the equipment was able to produce the level of quality the client required, while at the same time meeting the necessary production speeds.

The chosen pouch materials were evaluated on total performance through the form, fill and seal application, along with testing for durability and scratch resistance after being filled with hair care products. Lastly, the pouch material was evaluated to ensure it had a suitable printing surface for both flexographic and digital printing processes.

After identifying the equipment and material solutions, the final phase was to design and produce the finished product. The Fortis Solutions Group team shifted its focus to developing the final design of the pouch. Fortis’ graphic design experts understand the nuances of flexible packaging design and how position and placement of text and graphics on a flat surface can create an impactful visual on a filled and sealed package.  The graphics team worked closely with the client and the equipment manufacturer to ensure the final copy placement and positioning was ideal for this particular pouch, providing proper visual appeal of the package post production. Once the design phase was completed, Fortis Solutions Group produced high-quality, durable flexible packaging that the client was able to fill and seal in-house.

The key to success in getting into flexible packaging production starts with finding the right partners. A top-notch flexible packaging printer plays a crucial role in bringing all the elements together, working closely with the equipment manufacturer and pouch material suppliers to ensure the needs and requirements of the client’s application are being met.


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