Sun Chemical has partnered with Document Security Systems Inc. to cross market and sell one another’s anti-counterfeiting products.

The partnership allows Sun Chemical to market and sell DSS’ suite of anti-counterfeiting technologies that include smartphone authentication, hidden images and copy protection. DSS will also market and sell Sun Chemical’s wide range of anti-counterfeiting solutions, such as its multiple covert taggant reader systems, special effect inks and smart sensor technology.

“As leaders in anti-counterfeiting, we are always looking for cutting-edge solutions that our customers can use to protect themselves,” says Jim Reiman, director of brand protection at Sun Chemical. “This partnership with DSS offers even more anti-counterfeiting options for our customers to choose from. We’re particularly excited by DSS’ advanced smartphone authentication capabilities and how they complement our own product portfolio.”

DSS’ anti-counterfeiting technology AuthentiGuard enables consumers and supply chain personnel to validate product authenticity with a smartphone.

“We’re pleased to have the Sun Chemical name associated with Document Security Systems,” says Mike Tobin, vice president of marketing at DSS. “We have made significant investments in brand protection solutions like AuthentiGuard, and this partnership with Sun Chemical – one of the most respected companies in the market – helps to validate our strategy.”

To learn more about Sun Chemical’s brand protection offerings, visit to download the company’s white paper, “Anti-counterfeiting Technologies for Packaging.”

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