Uflex Limited’s Flex Films division has developed a special polyester film designed to replace the top and bottom substrates of conventional cold-formed laminates in blister packaging.

The special polyester is a para-crystalline material that possesses excellent barrier, clarity, printability and hardness properties. Film forming and orientation of polyester augurs well for the creation of thin profile webs with excellent properties for use in flexible packaging. This speciality substrate can be laminated on both sides of the aluminium foil. What’s more is that engineers at Flex Films have been successfully able to bring metaphase morphology, which has made it possible to form the film in the Z direction, which is a prerequisite for blister packaging.

“The team at Flex Films has come up with a special polyester film that will have significant and substantial benefits for the converters catering to pharmaceutical brands,” says  Anantshree Chaturvedi, vice chairman & CEO, Flex Films International. “(Until now) converters were left with no option other than managing varied inventories of BON and PVC films separately. With the introduction of our specialized polyester film, the logistical hassles for converters will surely go down.

“The moisture absorption of this specialised polyester film is as low as 0.8 percent, working out to almost 92 percent less than that of nylon, which is a big advantage. It is incredible that Flex Films has been able to replace BOPA and PVC films from the Alu-Alu laminate structure much to the advantage of converters. There is also a yield benefit in the case of the new laminate structure with no compromise on functionalities whatsoever. This lightweighting of the laminate equates to lesser energy consumption at all the three critical stages of flexible packaging life cycle.”


Uflex Ltd.