Uflex Ltd.'s Flex Films division has launched F-PDP, a special polyester film with modified surface on one side with the other side remaining untreated. This film is digitally printable without any need for priming or coating.

This film can be directly printed without requiring printing plates and cylinders. Additionally the film demonstrates good transparency and optical clarity, excellent machinability and dimensional stability while also offering excellent flatness and agile handling properties.

F-PDP has been certified by Rochester Institute of Technology for digital printing by HP Indigo commercial and sheet-fed presses.

Other benefits associated with digitally-printable PET films include:

  • Suitable for small run jobs.
  • Minimizes lead time at the converter’s end because no primer/ coating is required.
  • Permits excellent print results with high quality resolution for pictures and half-tone jobs.

“Coating/priming or surface treatment of a film for enhancing its ink adhesion properties is a time-consuming process,” says Anantshree Chaturvedi, vice chairman and CEO, Flex Films International. “Our special F-PDP film is a perfect delight for convertors at a time when the entire world is moving towards just-in-time deliveries minimizing inventories. Polyester film suitable for direct digital printing has been a need.”


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