FKuR has developed new Bio-Flex blends for the production of low-gauge films designed to biodegrade completely in garden compost at low, variable temperatures.

All home compostable Bio-Flex compounds are regarded as having outstanding moisture resistance. This is a great advantage compared with many other commercially available starch-based plastics of this type. These biodegrade rapidly but should only be filled with dry contents. The range of possible applications for these new compounds is wide and includes multi-purpose bags, as well as bags for fruit and vegetable packing and mulching films.

The product range currently comprises of translucent and opaque grades. Bio-Flex FX 1803 (30 percent bio-based) as well as F 1804 and F 1814 (both 40 percent bio-based) grades are translucent. Additionally, Bio-Flex F 1814 offers increased tear resistance. They are suitable for packaging goods with printed IR codes as well as for visually attractive packaging for all types of printed materials. Bio-Flex FX 1821 (10 percent biobased), FX 1823 (30 percent biobased) and FX 1824 (40 percent biobased) grades are all opaque. These opaque grades show very good tear resistance and toughness.